The development and future of design

The development and future of design

Nowadays, the design already transcendent origin. And the development of design in the variety of field have been improve well. At the same time,they can ameliorate many things and objects like products, brands, life and emotion. The technology and aesthetic of design was used in many places like the school, apartment or office. For example, the design as a craft is useful in the factory of commercial product and some international university in the world.

However, the craft product decreasing with the development of science technology is undergoing rapid change driven in the 21st century. Many Potential operation is not obvious, so designers should use more equipment and technology. So, the “interaction design” was appeared form the psychology and computer science.

Service design begins at the marketing and management rather than the design. It is a potential service not the physical objects. As for many designers, it is a biased theorized system rather than the real design product. People can obviously see that the human-centered design from the interaction design and the service design began to gradually occupy the market. Moreover, the human-centered design has several fundamental principles. Such as firstly, it is the fundamental reason and demands, not surface symptoms. Secondly, it uses more observations and analyses based on the evidence to observation, conception, prototyping, testing and planning. Finally, it is mobility to create many times through repeated testing and observation.

Design as both craft and a way of thinking with the development of the future design are explored, it could not be necessary to choose or determined the other things.

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