Blog 10

Blog 10

In the first semester, at the beginning of each project, extensive research and specific research of individual cases or target audiences are carried out. Then a series of user interviews and listen to the answers and opinions of passers-by or target customers, and record them. In addition, there are sketch drawing, APP wireframe drawing and testing, etc. In the future study, the output of the project also needs to be diversified, with more technologies and different kinds of products added.

In the second project, for example, we see a bicycle cafe in the center of the city. There are coffee shops, bicycle shops and bicycle repair shops. We learned about their business model and target customers through communication with employees. A series of research and photos were taken on the products and prices of the shop.

We have a whole range of views on the bicycle industry. The industry is not just about retail, it also provides a place for many cyclists to gather in the club. In this research process, I have a new understanding of the brand image of the cafe and the graphic design of the bicycle flyer. These knowledges made me have more inspiration and ideas in layout design and color matching.

In the last semester, each project had different experiences, and each stage achieved its goals according to different functional steps. For example, in our experience of watching the exhibition, we see works of different fields and specialties, some of which can inspire inspiration and inject unique and unique power into design projects. Only the large number of inputs will have part of the output. In the test of APP project, through the simulation operation, we can experiment which part of the app needs to be improved and which part is suitable. Only in this way can we have a better user experience.

In the course, we can learn the design concepts and ideas of comparative bias theory. In the future learning process, we can first understand the project overview, such as what we are going to do and what materials we are going to prepare. Then according to the requirements of the course to do the corresponding output. When we have a certain theoretical basis and cognitive thinking, we will know what we need to investigate and analyze. In the future research process, I hope to visit different age groups of target customers rather than limited to young people. In terms of function setting of apps, some special functions will be added to distinguish it from other similar products on the market.

In past projects, I think my strengths are layout design and color matching. The style is simple, the primary and secondary are clear at a glance, the color is mainly black and white, on this basis, the striking bright color is used for matching. In the future projects, I want to try more different styles of design, such as pattern drawing, but the content needs to be richer. Personas and interviews need to be more comprehensive and diversified. For example, when interviewing people, you can try to get a deeper understanding of their emotions rather than just asking for their basic information.

I have many weaknesses in completing design projects. The biggest disadvantage is that I am habitually eager to skip steps to complete the output. This situation and mindset led to a small number of sketches, and the steps were not clear and perfect. In the future study, I need to divide a relatively large plate into some small points, from the details to improve and then spread to the whole project. In the group work or workshop, I need to better record our discussion process in the future, starting with photos and videos, and print them on the sketch book. The topics of communication between me and the team members and the contents of the interview with pedestrians on the road should also be recorded in time. Because it’s easy to forget or ignore part of the content afterwards, which may lead to the omission of the final output.

In the first semester of study, pact analysis and persona are not learned in my undergraduate major graphic design. These two parts are very important for later design projects. They are the foundation of the design project. In the next semester, I need to improve these two indispensable parts, including layout design, font selection, character image shooting and selection. In their content, we should add some more key points to make the analysis more thorough.

In the aspect of software learning, I used the habit of undergraduate course when drawing the finished app map, using AI and PS software. The teacher has XD software, which is used for app drawing. It is also very convenient for recording the application process. In the later learning process, I want to use more new software.

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