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Story of breadline

My book name is story of breadline. I want to make a book about poverty. In the form of some photographs and photographs. The color and style of these photos will be displayed in the form of retro. Then the form of the book I want to take the form of the book in the book. Add a small text based book to the photo book to tell the story of poverty. Then I want to classify poverty in different degrees. One unit shows a type of poverty.

First of all, I looked up many materials and found a famous photo competition. “Global photography competition focusing on poverty” is a global public welfare action jointly sponsored by Xinhua news agency and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on the initiative of President Li Congjun of Xinhua news agency. Then I selected some of the winning works. For example: The Documentary non professional single gold award works: small shop. In the snow, a child helps his mother look at the shop on the roadside of Muli village, Butuo County, Liangshan city.

(2010.11.7 Sichuan,China)

The Documentary professional single bronze award work: a car puller. On Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai, a trapper pulls a trailer full of waste products. He looks tired and has heavy steps.


(2003.04.13 Shanghai,China)

Silver award works of creative works group: empty mountain and water are in a hurry. In the mountains of Sichuan Province, two passers-by are crossing the bridge. One is still holding a bright light. At the end of the bridge are the mountains in the dusk. The peaceful composition and tone show the hard life of the poor mountain area, and also show the dawn of hope.


(20010.04.13 Sichuan,China)

The Documentary non professional group photo bronze award works: life portrait of children in Xihaigu, Ningxia. Xihaigu is the substitute of Xiji, Haiyuan, Guyuan and other counties in Guyuan, Ningxia. The natural conditions here are harsh, dry and rainless, and the vegetation is extremely poor. In recent years, Xihaigu area has attracted more and more attention from the outside world.


(20010.01.10 Ethiopia)

Gold prize works of documentary professional single: poverty in Ethiopia. The picture shows a malnourished child in Ethiopia, the horn of Africa.


(2010.01.10 Ethiopia)

Documentary professional single silver award work: hunger. A three-year-old child suffering from severe malnutrition is weighing himself at a feeding center in shivpur, central India.


(2009.09.23 Shivpur, central India)

Documentary professional single silver award: saving hungry children. A severely malnourished baby puts her hand on her mother’s lips at the emergency services in the town of Tawa in Northwest Niger.


(2009.09.23 Shivpur, central India)

Documentary professional single bronze award works: Homeless. A scavenger pulls his car home in Jakarta, Indonesia. His two children were sleeping in the car, covered with plastic bottles.


(2011.06.21 Jakarta, Indonesia)

Documentary professional single bronze award works: between dream and reality. A homeless woman sleeps in a railway station with her daughter in Debo, West Java, Indonesia. Vagrant population is one of the main problems in developing countries.


(2007.07.04 Debo, West Java, Indonesia)

Gold medal of documentary non professional group photo: living in the dark. The photos, taken in July 2010, reflect the life of prostitutes in a brothel in fordable, Bangladesh. There are about 50 prostitutes living in pain and darkness.



Most popular online Award: flowers in the dust — returnees from South Sudan. The picture taken by Chinese photographer Wu Xiaoling in South Sudan reflects the nationality and identity of about 2 million South Sudanese living in Sudan after independence.



Then, I search many stories about poverty and real cases around the world. After that, I did the layout design of the inner page of the book. I used a minimalist style. In layout design, the art of leaving blank is often used. Designers can highlight the core theme of the layout and strengthen the key content of the layout by leaving white space. In this way to attract readers, effectively convey the theme of the book, forming a visual focus in the intangible. Blank space also has an important role is to strengthen the level of visual effects, so that the layout looks scattered. It is very important to adjust the black and white information elements in the process of typesetting. So I used this style of layout design.

Finally, this book is displayed in the form of A5 size photo book with a small pleated book. The foldout books in it are mainly full text, showing the poverty story I inquired before.

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